A Few Things About Nashvillians

You volunteer to take your friend to the airport because you’re their friend and the gas around there is usually about 10 cents cheaper than anywhere else.

You don’t know if Franklin is a suburb of Nashville, or it’s own city.

While driving through the intersection of Edmonson Pike and Nolensville Road, you wonder which corner is actually Nipper’s.

You’re afraid to leave your car unprotected while you watch a movie at 100 Oaks Theater.

You’ve used the pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville as your personal workout facility.

Listening to 107.5 on your way to work, you smile just a little when you hear “…it’s definitely not a Nashville party” in Miley Cyrus’ song.

You’re tired of Interstate 440 being “closed” on the weekends.

You work in Franklin, live in Hermitage, shop in Green Hills, leave East Nashville before nightfall, and have seen the ferris wheel at Carnival Kia in Antioch.

You think that driving 4 hours to IKEA in Atlanta is worthwhile.

In the Fall of 2009 you wished for snow. In February 2010, you regretted it.

Because of the heavy heavy snow in early 2010, your car is still somewhere on interstate 65, abandoned. With a green sticker on it.

Your snow sled was a piece of cardboard.

You will drive faster through a yellow light if the intersection doesn’t have traffic cameras.

You’ve seen more people turn left from the center lane than you can count.

When people ask you if the Pancake Pantry is good, you admit you’ve never been there.

Isn’t Vanderbilt in Nashville? Then why so many UT fans here? And why is UT the highlighted team on the local sports channel?

You’ve been to The Stadium Inn on the weekend for USWO Wrestling. Yes!

You skip the Tennessee State Fair but go to the Wilson County Fair, because let’s face it, it’s better.

You don’t like hockey, but you have friends that do.

You don’t have a boat, but you have friends that do.

You aren’t from here, and neither are your friends.

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