Uptown Funk: Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy explained

Don’t believe me just watch! With Uptown Funk*, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have a huge hit on their hands. Although the song of the summer seems to be Cheerleader by Omi (click here for more on the actress in that video), Uptown Funk will long be remembered as one of the best from 2015. As soon as we all agree about the lyrics! Is it “fresh jar of Skippy” or “fresh dry skippy”? To solve this we only need to answer 5 easy questions…

1. What is a fresh dry skippy?
A. Don’t know.
B. A recently dried up plot of land where rednecks go to hunt. Or drink the moonshine.

2. Is a jar of Skippy peanut butter* smooth?
A. Yes, unless it’s clearly labeled “crunchy”
B. No

3. Is a fresh jar of Skippy smooth?
A. Very
B. Seeing the word fresh always reminds me of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air*

4. Have you ever been laid off at work?
A. No comment
B. Yes, and it went like this

5. What did Bruno Mars post on Instagram?
A.post 1
B. post 2

If you answered A to every question, you’re a winner! It’s definitely “fresh jar of Skippy.” Right? Feel free to present your arguments in the comment section below. Unless you’re out hunting on the fresh dry skippy.

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23 thoughts on “Uptown Funk: Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy explained

  1. I just figured this lyric out this week. fresh jar of skippy. I had no idea what he was saying for the longest time. I even thought the word could be “hippie.”

  2. Ok so….I don’t decipher lyrics very well. My version works great.
    Smoother than a ” fat dog named Skippy”!

  3. Since Bruno Mars makes the comments ” Stop and then pouring alcohol into his glass in the song it only makes sense that he is referring to a drink. The drink known as a “Skippy” fits since it is made with fresh Lemons and then Ice then blend it and add the Vodka and last the Beer. So that explains the “Fresh drawn Skippy” comment in the song. “Smoother than a fresh drawn Skippy.” Especially since there are references to how “Hot” it is……So it is definitely the drink and not the peanut butter!! End of story.

  4. It’s fresh “drawn” Skippy made with fresh drawn kegger beer and fresh lemonade along with the vodka or gin makes a smooth and palatable refreshing summer beach/barbecue drink made with readily available summer party ingredients. If you look closely at Bruno’s mouth when he sings this part of the lyrics, he’s almost surely saying the word “drawn” instead of “dry”.

  5. Isn’t ‘jar’ urban slang for cup? So it could literally be a jar of peanut butter or it could be a drink in a cup! Clever lyric whatever the answer.

  6. The CD sleeve of the official CD clearly states – smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy. The capitalisation of Skippy would suggest the brand of peanut butter.

  7. The idea of Skippy PB made sense … until I realized that “skippy” was a drink. Remember the context. In the 2nd verse, he starts:

    Wait a minute
    Fill my cup put some liquor in it
    Take a sip, sign a check
    Julio! Get the stretch!

    To then reference “skippy” fits, since he’s already talking about pouring a drink. I’ve seen it both ways. I think others nailed it, they’re just having fun with this!


  8. Just bought the sheet music. According to Sony Music Publishing, it’s “fresh dry skippy.” Maybe they originally meant the drink mentioned above. But with all the chatter about a jar of Skippy and Bruno posting the photo, guess they’re having fun with us. In any event, it’s a catchy lyric!

    1. I agree it’s hard to argue with that! I like the idea of the peanut better better, especially since my kids sing it all the time. Ha ha! It’s become slang at our house for something that’s really awesome. 😄

      1. I may just be hard-headed but I still think it’s “jar of Skippy.” I listened to it again today over and over and it sounds like he’s saying “ah” instead of “eye” (“jar” vs “dry”). So I say let your kids keep singing about peanut butter!! It’s smooth!

  9. I thought it was “fresh dry skippy”. Skippy is a cheap drink made with beer, vodka, and lemonade.
    Though I can totally see the skippy creamy peanut butter thing too.
    Also if you search lyrics it says fresh dry skippy. I guess I am confused.

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