The Reawakening: Part 3

Now, before I continue with this adventurous story, you need to know something. These first 7 or 8 posts were written about a year and a half ago. These thoughts and postings were what I was feeling then. The reason I’ve decided to post them now is because a few weeks ago I was laid off at work. While usually that may come with feelings of regret, anger, confusion, and fear… I can honestly say I don’t have regrets, I’m not angry, and while I might think about what happened and why, the confusion is only temporary. I’m also not afraid of the future because getting laid off is part of this adventure. A twist I didn’t see coming. Recently I was praying for God to swing low like a sweet chariot, not to carry me home, but to just help me in my unbelief. Maybe this is part of a grander story, more on that later, but for now… back to the reawakening… about 17 months ago, I wrote:

I was 4 years old and we were on vacation in Monticello, Florida. I remember standing just outside the back door of my grandparents neighbor’s house when a litter of young beagles appeared and our life with Belle began. To write about her would require many more posts of good memories that are too numerous to count.

She was the first experience I remember having with an animal. She was a fantastic beagle!

Shoot! Now I’m getting all sappy. But anyway, animals… I love them. I’m fascinated by them. I’m thankful to God for them. I wonder how I can and if I should try to make a living being with them? The more I talk to my close friends and actually, the more I’m honest with myself, I almost think I need to be doing something with animals. My entire life I’ve been passionate about them down to my very core. But I’m currently working in television so the gap between the two is quite large. Plus, the only experience I have with animals is limited to pets, zoos, and nature.

-Out of the Wilderness

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