The guys in Camila Cabello’s “Liar” music video… and Lionel Richie, too!

Here are a few fun facts from Camila Cabello’s entertaining “Liar” music video!

Fiesta, forever
First off, if you think “Liar” has a couple of familiar melodies, you’re right! The song samples 2 hits, one from the 80s and one from the 90s– “All Night Long (All Night)” by Lionel Richie and “All That She Wants” by Ace of Base. Gosh, I love Lionel Richie!! And Ace of Base, too.

What’s really crazy is both of those songs were released (1983 and 1992) before Camila was even born (March 1997)… yeah, she’s that young! Lionel Richie is credited as a songwriter on “Liar” by Camila, along with the members of Ace of Base: Ulf Ekberg, Jonas Berggren, Linn Berggren and Jenny Berggren.

The beaux
Her fiancé Reese Kensington is played by actor Zak Steiner. According to IMDB, he’s been on quite a few shows including Law & Order and Jessica Jones.

The bus beaux
The bus boy / waiter is actor Keiynan Lonsdale is known for his roles on The Flash and Dance Academy.

Good directions
The music video was directed by Dave Meyers who has also directed music videos for Normani, Ed Sheeran, Travis Scott, Billie Eilish, and Taylor Swift among others.

Who’s hungry?
On one of the windows of the restaurant where the couple is eating lunch, you’ll read “les tartines gourmandes” which is French for “gourmet sandwiches.” For more food in a music video, check out my research on Justin Bieber “Yummy”

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 9.20.57 AM

Love letters
The note given to her says “All I do, the whole play through is dream of you.”

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 10.07.45 AM

During the newscast, the dates are December 6th and 7th, with the time on both days, 9:06. I can’t find any significance at this moment.

Camila Twitter: @camila_cabello
IG: @camila_cabello

Zak Steiner Twitter: @zaksteiner
IG: @zaksteiner

Keiynan Lonsdale Twitter: @KeiynanLonsdale
IG: @keiynanlonsdale

Dave Meyers website:

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