It was a…. what???

I was standing in the kitchen of my house and felt something I didn’t expect to feel at this particular moment. Five minutes prior, I was lying on the couch watching an episode of Lost In Space. After the dramatic last few minutes, I clicked off the TV and thought about preparing for bedtime. That’s when I felt it.

Something was crawling on the back of my neck, much to my dislike. I thought to myself… “Gosh, I really hope this is just a……” WAIT! There is absolutely nothing I could hope this was. I swiped at it, flinging it to the kitchen floor. Yep, everyone’s worst nightmare. A baby roach. And I’ll save you time; according to Google, a baby roach is called a nymph. Well, this was more of a toddler than a baby, but yikes.

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you? At least now, after this story, you may can say to yourself, “At least I didn’t have a roach crawling on my neck!”

-Out of the Wilderness

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