Is Adobe After Effects worth it?

Something that’s bothered me since it’s inception is Adobe charging a yearly subscription fee for After Effects (and their suite of programs). I understand there are benefits to it for the end user, the main one being full access to software/effects upgrades as they happen.

It’s a couple hundred dollars a year for one program, in my case it’s After Effects. I had an edit project last year that required AE so I had to subscribe. Why not just have a one-time fee? Last month I had to resubscribe without knowing if I’ll even need to use the program this year at all.

I guess this is another confirmation that I’m a Final Cut Pro guy.

Do you have any insight on how this type of business model is better for the customer, and not just a way for Adobe to make more money for providing the same service they did before? Am I missing something here?

-Out of the Wilderness

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