Kamala Harris Secretly Slides Transfer of Power Slip into Executive Orders Biden is Signing

Washington, D.C. — It’s Day 3 of the Biden/Harris administration serving as President and Vice President and Joe Biden has hit the ground running, signing more than a dozen executive orders. Among the stack of directives were plans to halt border wall funding, lifting the travel ban, and a handful of orders related to the coronavirus.

This will indeed please the Democrat base who voted for Biden and running mate Kamala Harris who both promised to undo many of the so-called “accomplishments” of former President Donald Trump. At a recent Q&A with the Vice President, a member of the press asked Harris about the mood in the White House as the executive orders were being signed. With a peculiar wink, she nodded and said, “Everything is going according to plan.” Asked if she could explain what this meant, Kamala Harris winked again, saying, “The situation is under control.”

What she meant became much more clear when a source close to the VP revealed that while Biden was hastily whipping through the orders, he unknowingly signed a permission slip granting Harris the Presidency of the United States.

Biden has yet to comment on the stunning turn of events but has been caught on White House security cameras turning in circles repeating, “Who’s the President? You are, Robinette.” As if it were pulled directly from an episode of “Saved by the Bell,” it appears Harris has successfully performed the ‘Morris Maneuver’ — a trick Zack Morris often used to get his parents to sign for things like detention, a new car, or ownership of Belding’s house.

The White House Press Secretary was quick to point out Kamala Harris is Catholic, and that “we have bigger issues to worry about at this time.” She might be referring to deciding who tells Biden he’s no longer President, or more importantly, who will find Biden– reports coming in that he was last seen wandering aimlessly down Pennsylvania Avenue.

-OTW News

Published by Ben Wilder

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