The Subway commercial where white people save the day!

Subway is out with a star-studded commercial that promotes their new line-up of sandwiches and ingredients. Take a look!

I don’t want to be a party pooper or anything, but did you notice how white people swooped in and basically took over the ad? How dare they! First white-and-purple Megan Rapinoe takes over for Serena Williams. Then white Tom Brady interrupts Steph Curry to finish out the commercial. In total for this 30-second ad, white people were on screen for 17 seconds and black people for just 7 seconds. Note that Charles Barkley does the voice-over that lasts about 7 seconds.

“In wokeness we trust” must not be Subway’s new slogan, even with outspoken liberal Rapinoe, but certainly this ad could use some… refreshing. 🙂

Now obviously dissecting this ad to say it’s insensitive is a bit over the top, but you would think Subway would have tried to err on the side of political correctness, right? In other words, swap the roles and have Serena take over for Megan, and Steph interrupt Tom. Then the commercial would win some kind of Pulitzer peace prize.

How do you feel about the ad? Do you think anyone will be triggered by it? Share in the comments below!

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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23 thoughts on “The Subway commercial where white people save the day!

      1. AMEN, Its a fricken commercial, please, it about a sandwich, not the color of your skin, for gosh sake, grow some, true equality will NEVER come if every fricken thing is measured by race / skin color

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  1. You’re all idiots. Making fun of Koko the gorilla shows ignorance. Not bothering to spell ‘enunciate’ correctly shoes laziness. Whining about “can’t we all just be people and be happy” is naïveté. People will always hate what is pushed as political and social agendas by others. That is what allowed tribal peoples to survive for 200,000 years.


  2. Charles B is terrible! You can barely understand what he is saying! He talks like most lazy black people do. Slurred words and no annunciation. So woke! Horrible food and horrible ads


  3. Charles B is terrible! You can barely understand what he is saying! He talks like most lazy black people do. Slurred words and no annunciation. So woke! Horrible food and horrible ads


  4. Why can’t we just be people? White black male female straight gay. Why can’t we be happy with our differences and leave it at that?


  5. You know what I am sick of this shit. If this ad were the other way around no one would say shit. In my town we have a black radio station, black TV station, etc. Now we have a black national anthem or some shit gonna be played at the NFL games? White people don’t wven notice when its the other way around on ads like this because we aren’t looking for race, we are looking at the god damn sandwiches in the ad. If you make everything about race then we will start seeing it too and will get just as mad as you black people do. You are less than 15% of the population and look what a mess you all make when you get mad. What do you think will happen when we get mad like that? Just relax, its a fuquin sandwich commercial.


    1. What makes you assume that anyone responding with an opinion unlike yours must be black? All white people have to feel like you do?


      1. Thank you!! Koko the Ape was more intelligent than the moron you have revealed yourself to be!!! 🤣 🤡 💩


  6. I hadn’t seen the commercial, but watching it after your keen observation does make it politically incorrect and uneven in the time allotments. I agree with you that it does need some ‘refreshing’ and I’m sure it will trigger appropriate debate.


      1. I personally don’t like the Subway corporation and don’t eat their food. I had a problem with a gift card I sent someone and had to go through the BBB to get resolution after two months of trying to reach someone as they have no customer service and can’t be reached. They are arrogant and uncaring. That’s probably why the commercial got approved. As to the commercial, I don’t really care and didn’t analyze it, but since there was a post, I responded my opinion based on the observation and wording of the statement.

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