The Subway commercial where white people save the day!

Subway is out with a star-studded commercial that promotes their new line-up of sandwiches and ingredients. Take a look! I don’t want to be a party pooper or anything, but did you notice how white people swooped in and basically took over the ad? How dare they! First white-and-purple Megan Rapinoe takes over for SerenaContinue reading “The Subway commercial where white people save the day!”


Anyone know the plural of “y’all”? It’s “all y’all.” Anyway, it’s been going on since the first redneck said “y’all.” I’m talking about combining words to make shorter words. This sort of mashing up doesn’t really concern me, because it’s unstoppable. But a recent trend isn’t sitting well with me. Combining words that have noContinue reading “WordsAllSmooshedTogether”