Amazon Prime Rapunzel ad – the music, the actress, and the $2,000 ladder!

**Note: Curious about Prime’s Napoleon commercial? Click here for the details**

Amazon is promoting their Prime delivery service, boasting just one day to get what you want. Or in this case, what you NEED. Rapunzel isn’t waiting on a prince, she just needs a ladder. 

The actress. The part of Rapunzel is played by Josephine Lawrence. She’s a relatively new actress to mainstream work, although Google says she died in 1978, so there’s that.

The music. The song playing in the background is Nicki Minaj “Feeling Myself.” I could only stomach about 15 seconds of the song, but if you are a daredevil, check out the full track here. 

Audience response. There are quite a few YouTube comments criticizing its wokeness with Rapunzel being self-reliant and all. Most keenly point out that while she might not need a man, she DID need a delivery person, which definitely could’ve been a man. This delivery person also unpacked the ladder, extended it, and set it up for her descent from the castle. Because of this, the ad doesn’t quite hit the mark, although on the surface it’s fine, I guess. 

I’m just a white man, but I miss the days of music (and relationships) like this. 

The Prime ad doesn’t celebrate a kind, strong man, who “spends quality time with his kids…” Amazon appears to just be falling in line with the woke agenda that says if one man doesn’t treat you like an immortal goddess, YOU MUST HATE ALL MEN.

That address. Can I point out that a ladder tall enough to reach that window has got to be at least 50 feet tall? It might even be 60 feet! Amazon has a 60-ft ladder for two grand. Rapunzel must be doing well on OnlyFans, I guess.

Not to mention, since she has a smartphone, why doesn’t she just call the police to save her from kidnapping or —oh wait, trusting the police is not cool, my bad.

Also, I’ve driven deliveries for Amazon before and in Tennessee, there are addresses that are harder to get to than the remote castle in the commercial. Meaning you basically need a 4-wheeler, a life jacket, and to notify your next of kin because you may not make it out alive. Tip your delivery drivers, folks!

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-Out of the Wilderness

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20 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Rapunzel ad – the music, the actress, and the $2,000 ladder!

  1. I’m a 50 year old female and I totally agree with Ben. I’m not anti woke, I just think there can still be chivalry. And I love all the Prime commercials so I think his reviews are funny and entertaining!!


  2. Who is the woman that does the narration for this and the Cleopatra Prime commercial.

    I love it when she says, “no one loves a deva hun.”


    1. Thanks for the comment. I think most people can see where the hidden messaging of this ad was a little off. Creatively, it’s fine. And they tailored it to the people making the most noise in society and that’s fine, also. It just seems a little too patronizing. But seriously thanks for reading 🙂


  3. It’s not all the common things people have pointed out that worries me about this commercial. Having grown up around horsemen (Aussie cowboys) and being married to a lady who rode show horses, I’m puzzled by the way Repunzen sits on that horse. She is seated to the back of the horse, which is a near impossible position to be able to control a horse. I have a feeling she was actually riding pillion behind someone in a green screen costume and who was removed post production.
    It might seem trivial but there are no horseman anywhere in the world that side using that style.

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  4. Ummm, Mr. Author, no need to shoot it from the mountain top, we could tell you were a white man prior to your announcing it! The article, not very well written, I might add, is clearly and unequivocally your “gripe” with the whole “woke” movement, as you call it. Well, if some people never became “woke” we’d still be in slavery! This commercial is a whole vibe; an anthem to more than just women and when of color, although these are a couple of reasons I celebrate it, but it says, WE’VE ARRIVED! We’ve arrived to a generation in which power, the right to choose, right to make a move and be your own person is welcomed. We’re all players in the game now, taking our individual parts in fulfilling dreams.

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    1. I don’t get it. Why is Rapunzel black? Isn’t this cultural appropriation? Well, I guess it works just like racism, it’s only bad if white people do it. Or is the message that a black Rapunzel is the better Rapunzel because she’s “self”-reliant (she needs no man but she DOES need Amazon – a white man’s company). Maybe I’m overthinking this. And no, slavery was not ended by wokeness, that is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Well, at least you sound like you’re feeling very empowered, I guess that’s a good thing.


  5. The Author Josephine Lawrence wrote Rosemary and died…. Also it’s not about hating men. It’s about women being self reliant and having their worth not be set on what man they are with. She could order her own things. Sounds like the commercial made you upset because she was self reliant and you miss the days women would sing about how great a man is, rather than how successful their own business is. This commercial has nothing to do with a relationship and maybe that’s your issue with it. It’s a reason many men do not truly understand the need of independence that woman are needing.


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