Dolly Parton, the legend

I lived in Nashville, Tennessee for just about 16 years and it took about a day of living there to realize how respected Dolly is in the state. In fact, my dad and I were just talking about something that happened regarding her legacy there in Nashville. Some government officials wanted to make a statue of her in her honor somewhere around downtown. They’ve done it with other iconic entertainers, as you’ll see if you visit Nashville.

I distinctly remember hearing about this honorary statue proposal while I was watching the news one day. I thought, “Well, of course she deserves it, but we have the real thing, why a statue at this point in time?” Then not a few weeks later Dolly herself asked them not to.

Absolute legend.

I already loved her but after hearing that, her reputation in my book went through the roof. How many celebrities would turn down having a statue built in their likeness, in their honor?

So to say Dolly is beloved in the state of Tennessee (and I’m sure the affection is stronger the further east you go), is a big understatement. Even me saying it’s a big understatement is probably agreed upon by everyone everywhere.

She’s just cool.

I was working at CMT around the time she came in for an interview. I think she was putting out a duets album of some sort so the office was buzzing with excitement. It’s not every day Dolly comes by. I tried to keep my cool and because of this overcompensation of “a young kid trying to act professional” I didn’t get a picture with her or shake her hand, but I wish I had. But it was really cool to be in the same room with her during her time at the CMT studios.

But this wasn’t my first Dolly encounter. That goes all the way back to my childhood listening to the radio. One of my favorite songs as a young kid was her duet with Kenny Rogers, so I’ll end this post with that great song, “Islands in the Stream.”

Thanks for stopping by y’all! 😉

-Out of the Wilderness

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