The Masked Singer, a Ken Jeong fail?

Everyone and their mother are writing about Ken Jeong walking off set after Rudy Giuliani was revealed as the singer in the Jack-in-the-Box costume on the most recent episode of a show I don’t watch.

Thursday morning.

We didn’t see Robin Thicke walking off set (although he did). We also didn’t see the female judges walking off (because they didn’t). And speaking of things not seen, I didn’t see 99% of the show but caught the end when comedian Ken Jeong said, “I’m done,” and walked off stage. It definitely came across as serious, but I wondered if I had missed a joke?

I really only have two questions. (Answers at the end of this blog)

  1. If the singer was a political figure who most people think did worse things than Rudy–for an easy comparison let’s pick a known liberal, Hillary Clinton–would Ken have walked off stage?
  2. I heard a line from a guy on YouTube, saying something like this, “When I hire a plumber, I don’t really care about his political views. I mostly care about how good he is as a plumber.” In other words, when someone wants Ken’s political opinions, won’t they just ask him? Till then, stick to acting.

Robin Thicke walked off stage too, but they didn’t show that because he hasn’t been relevant in ten years. And if Ken Jeong ever read the lyrics of Robin’s hit, “Blurred Lines,” would he walk away dramatically, too?


-Out of the Wilderness

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