The Masked Singer, a Ken Jeong fail?

Everyone and their mother are writing about Ken Jeong walking off set after Rudy Giuliani was revealed as the singer in the Jack-in-the-Box costume on the most recent episode of a show I don’t watch. We didn’t see Robin Thicke walking off set (although he did). We also didn’t see the female judges walking offContinue reading “The Masked Singer, a Ken Jeong fail?”

2018’s Song of the Summer

Every summer there’s a handful of songs that become huge hits. But only one can be crowned Song of the Summer. Billboard even charts this exciting time in music going all the way back to 1958. Check out their list here. And if you’re curious like I was, the 1958 hit was “Domenico Modugno” by Volare.Continue reading “2018’s Song of the Summer”