Woman attacked by bison at Texas State Park

The bison roaming around Caprock State Park are big. They’re also not interested in being less wild, and I love that about them. A woman recently learned the hard way that you don’t mess with them… meaning: don’t get too close, don’t tick them off, don’t get between them and their offspring, don’t take chances. Here’s the video.

“I didn’t want to go through the bushes again.”

woman in video

Looks like she ended up in the bushes again. 😉 But seriously, when I visited this beautiful state park the ranger at the check-in office made it very clear that the bison don’t mess around. In fact, she said something I’ll never forget and definitely raised my awareness when I camped there for 5 days. I told her I have 2 dogs and she said, “The bison see them as predators, and they will remove them.”


I hope this woman recovers and never again underestimates a big bison grazing around with his (or her) family. I know I won’t take any chances, especially after seeing this video. I’m very grateful to have a zoom lens so I don’t need to get all up in their face. Here are a few of my favorite bison photos, all available for download or purchase. Print one out for your living room as a reminder to NOT get gored by a bison! And yes, that’s my travel trailer in the last photo. And yes, I was very nervous.

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-Out of the Wilderness

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