The new NF music video – hope, goosebumps, and identical twins?

There’s hardly a way to compare NF to anyone else in the music industry but if you put pressure on me to come up with something really accurate, it would be something like this: Imagine the skills of Busta Rhymes, Eminem, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, all in one person and that’s NF. Granted, all of those rappers are so amazing so it would be hard to even come up with anyone else like them, too.

If you do some digging into NF’s reviews and his music, most of the comparisons you’re going to find are with Eminem, the other white rapper (no offense Tom MacDonald!). I’ll admit that when I first heard NF years ago, it was remarkable how much he sounded like Eminem. What a compliment, though, to sound like one of the best rappers ever, right? But as much as they resembled each other and much like a pair of identical twins I knew in college, the more I got to know the twins the easier it was to tell them apart. In fact, as the friendships grew, I could hardly believe they were identical twins at all. That’s how it is with NF, too. As I’ve listened to his music over and over, he has his own unique sound and this might offend people but I wouldn’t say NF sounds like Eminem, if anything Eminem sounds like NF! Boom.

So NF just unveiled a video for his song “Hope” and I haven’t found one negative comment on YouTube yet. Reddit reviewers are a little more cynical but there are quite a few people calling it a masterpiece and with that, I’d have to agree. I can’t think of another rap song that’s given me goosebumps, except for maybe “The Search,” also by NF. It’s also crazy that every single NF song I hear is better than the last one I listened to. I guess that means now I have a new favorite NF song.

Goosebumps, right? As the old cliché goes, the sky’s the limit for NF. For now, this is my favorite song until tomorrow when I listen to another of his songs.

See you then…

-Out of the Wilderness


Published by Ben Wilder

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