Can American Idol save Disney?

If you’re even a little bit aware of the current culture surrounding Disney (and Florida, too, I suppose), you know they’ve sort of plopped themselves in hot water with conservatives. It was especially noticeable when they announced they’d pay for any employee who wants an abortion to travel to a state where it’s legal. Talk about entering a conversation uninvited!

It’s safe to say Disney was the Budweiser of 2022 (also… sayonara, Bud Light!). While Disney hasn’t been cancelled completely, a lot of people have cancelled their streaming services, which is kind of a big deal.

Enter American Idol. Tonight’s episode will feature Disney songs. It’s not a huge surprise since ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Company. I’ve also read we’ll hear from stars singing from the Disney catalog along with a performance promoting the new Little Mermaid movie.

This isn’t Idol’s first connection to Disney and/or Disney parks. Once the final two dozen singers were solidified, they performed from the Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii. There were some great performances from the tropical setting (see: Idol in Hawaii: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly). OK, I’m just going to say it so it’s out there…

If any contestant can save Disney, it’s Iam Tongi.

It seems as though American Idol is his to lose, as the saying goes. He always gets a standing ovation and big cheers and chants from the live audience. His Instagram and Twitter posts get thousands and thousands of views and likes. Youtube videos of his performances are in the hundreds of thousands while the other singers are in the tens of thousands. If voting mirrors any of that, he can’t lose. Of course, Idol is known for not following their own rules so who knows what might happen in these last few episodes…

Unfortunately, two great singers will go home in tonight’s episode from the five remaining: Iam Tongi, Zachariah Smith, Colin Stough, Wé Ani, and Megan Danielle. It’s impossible to predict the bottom two from this extremely talented group but I’ll say the ones going home tonight are… Zachariah and Wé Ani. Gosh, it hurts to even type that but Iam and Megan are so unique with recognizable voices. Colin has been a dark horse and keeps getting better each week. Zachariah hasn’t picked the best songs lately and last week having to sing an Alanis Morissette song did him no favors. Wé Ani is just a guess. Her voice is so powerful but can she get more votes than two country singers and Iam? I don’t think so.

-Out of the Wilderness


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