The Music from Big Sky’s Season 1 Finale (air date 5/18/2021)

Big Sky is one of the best, if not THE best show on TV right now. This is thanks in part to the acting, of course, but how about the music? Songs always seem to be perfectly placed in the scenes. I’ve written about past episodes which you can check at the bottom of thisContinue reading “The Music from Big Sky’s Season 1 Finale (air date 5/18/2021)”

Music from ABC’s Big Sky February finale

*Looking for the music from the Season 1 Finale (airing 5/18/2021)? click here* I’ll start by saying something you might already know from a post I wrote a few months ago about Big Sky… but I’ll say it again: I. Love. This. Show. The mid-season finale airing on February 16th included a soundtrack trio ofContinue reading “Music from ABC’s Big Sky February finale”