Music from Big Sky episode 15 – Air Date 5/11/2021

Welcome Big Sky fans! If you’re here, you must’ve seen the most recent episode of Big Sky on ABC. Montana’s best/worst villain Ronald is back and better/worse than ever! His crimes are unravelling yet again and it looks as though his girlfriend Scarlet might be just as warped as he is. But Ronald drama aside,Continue reading “Music from Big Sky episode 15 – Air Date 5/11/2021”

The music from Big Sky episode 14 (air date 5/4/21)

*Check out music from Episode 15 here* Episode 14 was the coming out party for Margaret Kleinsasser but no spoilers here. Great episode and a great tease for episode 15. Meanwhile, the only song in the episode not created specifically for the show came about 57 minutes in. It happens to be one of myContinue reading “The music from Big Sky episode 14 (air date 5/4/21)”

Big Sky music from the ABC show (episode 13 – April 2021)

**NOTE: Music from episode 14 (5/4/21) can be found here** What’s so fun about working on this type of show is what one little twist of music can do to change how you feel about a character, story, or plot. Frankie Pine, Big Sky music supervisor The music in this episode, like previous episodes, wasContinue reading “Big Sky music from the ABC show (episode 13 – April 2021)”