Big Sky music from the ABC show (episode 13 – April 2021)

What’s so fun about working on this type of show is what one little twist of music can do to change how you feel about a character, story, or plot. Frankie Pine, Big Sky music supervisor The music in this episode, like previous episodes, was great, in that it fits the scenes so well. HereContinue reading “Big Sky music from the ABC show (episode 13 – April 2021)”

Big Sky episode 12 music – April 2021

*NOTE: for music in episode 13 (airing 4/27/2021) click here* **NOTE: Music from episode 14 (5/4/21) can be found here** There weren’t many identifiable songs in Big Sky, episode 12 titled “No Better Than Dogs.” However, if you are wondering about the music you heard, I’ve got answers. Here is the list of music youContinue reading “Big Sky episode 12 music – April 2021”