While I wait…

The other day I was fixing to play volleyball with a friend, but had a few extra minutes so I decided to take some pictures with my Nokia 6.1 –warning: I receive compensation through my Amazon Associates account for an transaction made through this link, but hey, if you need a great smart phone and don’t care to follow the iPhone masses, the Nokia is exceptional!– OK where was I? Oh yes, pictures. Here are a few from around the volleyball courts.


-Out of the Wilderness

A brand new Etsy product!

IMG_20150904_173031350I’ve been waiting by the door like a faithful labrador for the mailman to deliver the latest revision of my brand new product, The Shades Hanger. Well, they arrived and now they are ready to be shipped to whoever wants one! I am selling them, of course, because I need to have money to feed my dogs. I eat rice, but their food is primo pricey! OK, anyway, check out The Shades Hanger by clicking any of the highlighted words in this post. I made it so easy for you to buy one, and honestly, if I can be serious for a second, it would really mean a lot to me if something I designed made your life easier, even if it seems trivial like storing your sunglasses while you aren’t wearing them. I’m very excited for you to try it and I would sincerely be grateful. Definitely let me know your feedback in the comments below, if you choose to be part of this adventure with me. OK, I’m done being serious… go buy one for yourself and another for your mom! 235IMG_20150904_173031350IMG_20150904_173225490IMG_20150904_173341489_HDRIMG_20150904_173445086-Out of the Wilderness