Truly Hard Seltzer ad featuring “Happy Day”

Truly Hard Seltzer has an ad out with a catchy remake of a 70s theme song. Here’s the ad, titled “Day Party.” Scroll down for more info!

Song: “Happy Days” Tess Henley (originally done by Pratt & McClain)

More info about the Truly commercial:

Included in the 15-second ad are colorful clips of people smiling, fruit-covered shirts, bright clothing, and a shirt that says “Destination Sun.” Surely the bright colors and fruits were intended to link in our minds the idea that the drink is fruity and summery.

The company which produced this ad is California-based Strike Anywhere, and the ad was directed by Malia James. Music (performed by Tess Henley) was arranged by Sampa the Great.

For a fruity twist, here are other songs/versions with the same title:

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