The Bud Light Bubbles Seltzer Commercial – The Music and More!

Bud Light is 100% out of the beer biz in their new commercial for a bubbly seltzer. Evidently the general public mostly thought the seltzers contained beer but this commercial will set things straight, at least that’s what Bud is hoping. Take a look at the colorful ad then scroll down for more info… TheContinue reading “The Bud Light Bubbles Seltzer Commercial – The Music and More!”

Truly Hard Seltzer ad featuring “Happy Day”

Truly Hard Seltzer has an ad out with a catchy remake of a 70s theme song. Here’s the ad, titled “Day Party.” Scroll down for more info! Song: “Happy Days” Tess Henley (originally done by Pratt & McClain) More info about the Truly commercial: Included in the 15-second ad are colorful clips of people smiling,Continue reading “Truly Hard Seltzer ad featuring “Happy Day””