A Regretful Connection to ABSOLUT Vodka’s Latest Commercial

There was recently an ad on TV featuring one of my favorite songs from an artist I have regrets about to this very day. First, here’s the ad… The song is called “Hope” by a very talented artist named Jain. Check her out on Instagram here: @JainMusic. She uses loops and tracks to make herContinue reading “A Regretful Connection to ABSOLUT Vodka’s Latest Commercial”

Jain in Nashville, Tennessee

This will most likely go down as my biggest regret of 2017… Jain played in Nashville last night and I wasn’t there! Very disappointed. I’ll admit I don’t know much about her as an artist/person yet but I really like her music, her stage presence, her┬ácharisma. Instead of staring for an uncomfortable amount of timeContinue reading “Jain in Nashville, Tennessee”