To Stop or Not to Stop – That is the Subject of These Song Titles

I’ve been putting together a playlist in the last few days and came across an unintended link between a few of the songs. Because of that, I decided to make a list of songs/titles about stopping, or not stopping. Spotify users, you can access this list here. I’m sure there are plenty more, but hereContinue reading “To Stop or Not to Stop – That is the Subject of These Song Titles”

An Independence Day Celebration Playlist

I’ve put together a playlist that is sure to be the perfect soundtrack for your Independence Day fireworks show. Of course, there are plenty you can find on Spotify, Apple Music, and other internet searches but none will get you in the spirit quite like this one 🙂 Check out the songs below for overContinue reading “An Independence Day Celebration Playlist”

Listening to all of band’s music

While I was walking my dogs recently I had my phone in my pocket, listening to music on Spotify. When I walk my dogs, I can’t really fiddle with my phone so I pretty much have to “set it and forget it.” This brings about a critical decision that needs to be made: What doContinue reading “Listening to all of band’s music”