The confederate flag and what changed my mind

When the issue of the confederate flag recently came back in the spotlight, I was on the side of those defending the freedom to fly it. It’s a part of U.S. history that shouldn’t be forgotten (but not because it’s anything to be proud of when it comes to race relations). There is so muchContinue reading “The confederate flag and what changed my mind”

Please Tell Me This Is Normal. #6

(For more questions I have about what’s normal, click here, here, or here. Thanks!) I recently noticed a habit when I unlock my car with the keychain remote. I hit the button, then in my head I say, “Kunta Kinte.” The reference is from the TV miniseries, “Roots,” starring LeVar Burton as Kunta Kinte. IContinue reading “Please Tell Me This Is Normal. #6”