Carpe Noctem: Seize the Night

“Are either of you Tiffany?”

That was a question my buddy asked two girls sitting together at a table in Nashville’s Corner Pub. The good news, they were cute. The bad news, neither of them were Tiffany. So we grabbed a table and a couple of small cups of soda, sipped, and waited. This was my friend’s first time meeting Tiffany face to face, their relationship up to this point was strictly over the phone.

He and I were hanging out earlier that evening when he got a text from the Tiffany that she and her roommate were going downtown, so he invited me to come along with him to meet them. And since most of my nights (all of them) consist of conversations with my two dogs and a replay of Monday night’s Bachelor episode, I jumped at the chance to get out in the real world.


We drove to this certain area people go to in Nashville (they call it the Gulch), and made our way over to this place where a bunch of hip people were all together (Bar Louie in… the Gulch). I kept thinking, “So this is where people who aren’t like me go on Friday and Saturday nights…” There were no tables available so my buddy was ready to leave. I was insistent that we stop for a second and stare. All these people. They had trendy coats. They were smiling and laughing. One guy had a baseball cap on and it worked. Two girls were alone at a table and seemed content with that. Servers hustling. TV’s were bright with guys skating on ice (hockey). It was a sight to behold. My dogs would’ve loved this.

corner pubWe eventually ended up at the Corner Pub. Unfortunately, we didn’t know the best part of our night already happened. Remember when I said my buddy and I were hanging out earlier? We met up to watch “Life of Pi” in 3D (my review here). Maybe we should’ve called it a night after that because it was slightly downhill from there and that includes finally finding Tiffany, who was not in… the Gulch.

So we’re sitting at the table waiting to meet the elusive Tiff. Her location unbeknownst to those who wanted to beknownst. Minutes later a text comes in. My friend shovels off to find her. Seconds pass. Then minutes. Minutes turn into a quarter hour and I begin to wonder if this is some elaborate set up for fun at my expense? Was an ex-girlfriend going to appear with a camera crew in tow? Was a waiter going to tell me the table has been rising for the last hour and I never even noticed!? How embarrassing. Was the table rising?

My friend returned and so did my sanity. He had found Tiffany. He had found Tiffany to be underwhelming. He had found Tiffany to be underwhelming and sitting with a group of friends. None of which were her roommate. Some of which were guys. He hugged her hello, chatted, and said goodbye. Then he and I spent the next 45 minutes coming up with reasons we should talk to the two non-Tiffany girls from the beginning of this story.

Alas, at the end of the night, I was at home with my two favorite girls. Neither of which were Tiffany…


Carpe Noctem!
-Out of the Wilderness
piper and asia OCT2012USE

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