Music in the Kohl’s New Holiday Ad – (Hint It’s Not Dolly Parton)

*click here for part 2 – a follow up to this Kohl’s holiday post*

In 2020, Kohl’s delighted viewers with their Christmas commercial featuring the music of Willie Nelson. Check it out here. Now, their back with a brand new holiday ad that might give you the same fuzzy feelings as their last one. By the by, if you need a holiday gift this year, look no further than my children’s books Big and Small, God Made Them All and The Brave Bamboo, available online. Personal info aside, here is Kohl’s sweet commercial!

The Music. If you’re like me, you would’ve been absolutely sure this was Dolly Parton singing. But alas, we’d be wrong. The singer is Ane Brun, song is titled “From Me To You.”

Ane is a Norwegian singer/songwriter. You can find this track on her 2013 album, “Rarities” and find it on Spotify here. Her website is Her social channels are as follows…

Twitter @AneBrun

Instagram @AneBrun

YardNYC is the agency behind this ad, and also produced the one mentioned earlier from 2020. Keeping with an apparent theme, last year’s commercial was titled “Give With All Your Heart,” and the 2021 installment is called “Dance With All Your Heart.”

Does this ad get you in the holiday spirit? Comment below, and (if it’s not too early to say this) Merry Christmas!

-Out of the Wilderness

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35 thoughts on “Music in the Kohl’s New Holiday Ad – (Hint It’s Not Dolly Parton)

  1. How could you have written an entire article about this song and never mention that it was written and made famous by The Beatles?


  2. NEVER thought it was Dolly.I actually thought it was Melanie. She was a vocalist from,I think, the 70s.She had one hit…Brand New Pair of Roller Skates. Her voice has that same natural,vibratto. I think the ad is ok but not the best Xmas commercial I’ve ever seen..


  3. It’s a great commercial but am I the only one who noticed how loud it gets when she starts singing?? It’s borderline obnoxious!


  4. I’m now relieved to find that I wasn’t the only person to think Dolly had covered another BEATLES tune. the 4th time I heard it I knew it wasn’t her. she could sing and play it w/ no problem, I’m sure. but this Ane Brun is a genuine talent. the guitar has just enough presence in the tune.


  5. I thought it was beautiful. Her voice sounds so sweet to me. I too mistakenly thought it was Dolly Parton I don’t think any other version would have conveyed the same sentiment. It moves me to tears every time because the little boy reminds me of my grandson with his nervous fidgeting and similar looks. The couple are also near the same age as my husband and I so it has become one of my favorite commercials of all time. I have repeatedly viewed this commercial on YouTube it’s that special to me.


  6. How much “Cash back” do Paul and Yoko “Get Back” when this is shown?
    Btw, I asked five people if they knew the song. Sadly only one.


    1. I hate this commercial. The remake song. The dumb look on the kid’s face.. The grandpa nodding encouragement and esp.the cranky look on Grandma’s face when she is trying to deduce why sonny boy is not handing her a present. Truly she looks annoyed! And they play it over and over!


  7. This is most touching fabulous commercial of all times. The photography, direction, love, pulls the heartstrings. The actors are truly wonderful. I tremble everyone I have seen it. Not a Kohl’s person but will be now. Wonderful, wonderful just so touching. Love, love, it. So simple but so soulful.


  8. The third single release in Great Britain by The Beatles in April of 1963 following Love Me Do and Please Please Me.


  9. It is a lovely commercial and the sentiment is so needed at this time of the year. Love Ane Brun’s voice too.


  10. I believed it was Emmylou Harris.
    I am SO glad I did not bet,-“or I’ll eat my hat”-on it. I AM rather partial to my REAL, (not Halloween), Top Hat.
    Ane Brun is great & I hope her album does wonderfully.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugh! AWFUL voice, wouldn’t have that nasty vibrato if she supported her diaphragm properly. Does NOT put me in a holiday spirit. Where’s a bucket, I’m gonna hurl!


    1. I tried looking up who the boy was that dances with Grandma, think he was on America Got Talent, but found nothing.


  11. Love the commercial & the song brought it to life. Yes I too thought it was Dolly as well. I will f/u w IG to see more of Ane.


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