Kohl’s Holiday Ad “From Me To You” – Part 2

I recently wrote about Kohl’s new holiday ad featuring a unique voice singing the soundtrack of the commercial. Here is the post… and now for the ad: As noted in my post, the singer is Ane Brun. Such a lovely voice with the qualities of Dolly Parton’s. Speaking of Dolly, is she America’s long-time sweetheartContinue reading “Kohl’s Holiday Ad “From Me To You” – Part 2″

Music in the Kohl’s New Holiday Ad – (Hint It’s Not Dolly Parton)

*click here for part 2 – a follow up to this Kohl’s holiday post* In 2020, Kohl’s delighted viewers with their Christmas commercial featuring the music of Willie Nelson. Check it out here. Now, their back with a brand new holiday ad that might give you the same fuzzy feelings as their last one. ByContinue reading “Music in the Kohl’s New Holiday Ad – (Hint It’s Not Dolly Parton)”