NF’s new video “Happy” – Is it happy?

NF must’ve made a New Year’s resolution to put out a music video every month and while most people fail with whatever goals they make on January 1st, NF is coming through with flying colors and listeners are the beneficiaries. The last two have been so good and I posted about them at the links below…

HOPE – The new NF music video – hope, goosebumps, and identical twins?

MOTTO – The New NF video for “Motto” is a fun red carpet ride!

And now there’s HAPPY. Take a look then scroll down for more thoughts and questions.

I guess this song presents the rest of us with a question… is this the happy version of NF? I thought it was interesting that 8 years ago NF tweeted about this exact emotion… happiness.

Is this the happy album he was hoping for? It’s called HOPE and when one is hopeful they can be happy, too. But they can also be desperate and unhappy. They can have hope because things are bad. They can have hope because things are great. The more I think about it, I’d venture to say this IS the happy album simply based on the lyrics for the song HOPE. He talks about having a lot of struggles for the past 30 years but at the very end he takes the reins. That’s a turning point. Something flipped. Perhaps all, or at least most, of his demons are in the rear view mirror. Ahead is blue skies, twists and turns for sure, but even with life’s curveballs, he is happy.

What do y’all think? I still need to listen to the entire album. I’m sure that will give a better understanding into the incredible artist we know as NF.

-Out of the Wilderness


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