My first (and only?) sprint triathlon

You know how when people first do something, like get a tattoo, go scuba diving, or have kids, they can’t wait to do it again? For me, it’s a sprint triathlon and just like that person who got a barbed wire tattoo, swam with hungry sharks, or has a rambunctious kid…. and they NEVER WANT TO DO IT AGAIN, yeah, I feel ya. OK my experience wasn’t quite that traumatic but it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The course was 1/3 swim, 19 mile bike, and 5K run.

starting lap 2 of the cycling
so fast, the camera barely caught me 😉

This was the bicycling part of the race, as you can see. Before biking was swimming. I must’ve looked like a goofy manatee floating in the lake as I thrashed around trying to find the shore. Then there was the bike. I love my bike but it’s not made for speed. But I still love my bike.

The last of the three challenges was running. It was a 5K, unlike the run I normally do on Easter weekend (Jesus, the Risen 1K). I ran well but not as fast as I would’ve liked. By the end of the race, as I crossed the finish line, I was exhausted and felt like I’m sure Jesus will come back before I do another one of these! How fitting on Easter to think about the return of Jesus, I guess. But also, if something you’re doing makes you wish for Jesus’ triumphant descent from Heaven, maybe that’s a sign.

I really enjoyed the training, though. Working out with my brother in law, practicing my swim, running and biking in the neighborhood will be the highlights I remember from this endeavor. I’m going to “tri” to forget my official time in the race yesterday. I’m going to “tri” to not remember swimming completely perpendicular to the path I was supposed to be swimming. But… I will also “tri” to remember singing as I ran, encouraging people who passed me or I passed on the bike and run, seeing my awesome dad cheering for me as I pedaled by on the bicycle course. Lots of good memories for this manatee. A big thanks to my dad (again) for coming out to cheer us on and take pictures, and to Robin McDougall, a new friend who got a pic of us before the event started!

thanks Robin! I’m on the right, posed with my brother in law and his brother and his brother’s wife.

-Out of the Wilderness

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