Independence Day for the rebels

I’ve had the opportunity to celebrate July 4th for 38 years and watch fireworks shows all over the country. In fact, tonight I’ll be watching one in Missouri of all places. I’ve been to a show or two in Nashville, a couple in Ohio, quite a few in Florida, and up and down the eastContinue reading “Independence Day for the rebels”

Being “Brave”

“Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out. Honestly, I wanna see you be brave.” – Sara Bareilles I know, I’m beating a dead horse but hey, it’s like 10 degrees out. I can either go outside and stand there till my bones hurt (about 5 seconds), or reveal to you aContinue reading “Being “Brave””

Move Me, Baby!

One observation I’ve made about Christian radio stations has really started to bother me… most of the music they play is deep, introspective, and self-denying. I support the mission of having positive, uplifting music as an option on the radio. I’m not knocking the radio stations. Deep, introspective, self-denying songs are great but do theyContinue reading “Move Me, Baby!”