McLaren and a bug in my Yeti

The other day I was hopping around Nashville doing deliveries for Uber Eats (click here to learn why Uber Eats is better than Postmates) and came across this slow, un-sporty vehicle.


OK, OK, I’m being facetious. It’s a beautiful car worth somewhere around the $200,000 mark, give or take 10 years salary. But something else also happened while I driving around. This…


Yeah, that’s a bug in my Yeti tumbler! I don’t care if you have a McLaren, a Mercedes, or you just ride around on a Bird scooter, finding an insect in your drink will ruin your day. Plus, I can’t stop thinking about how many times I drank from it before noticing the bug. Gag. I guess using those lids with the Magslider really pays off sometimes. FYI, you can pick up one of those lids on Amazon by clicking here, and before you have an experience like I did, I suggest you order one soon!

-Out of the Wilderness