Sometimes I Wish I Had Gills

I was born in a hospital. But part of of me wishes I was hatched from an egg somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. Even with all the stuff that’s going on with the oil spill, the Gulf has some of the most beautiful water. It’s normal to have anger towards BP, and the more I learn the more I do. But more than anything I’m sad. The sea creatures that are being affected by this disaster, I suspect we’ll never know the full extent. All we see are the animals that are close to shore being affected by the oil, but what about the ones near the spewing pipe? The dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, and other fish are suffering for a man-made mistake. Soon enough it will be hurricane season, so how will that play into this disaster? I’ve talked to a few people who live on the coast who say this hurricane season is a major concern. The oil in the Gulf is making the water temperature about fifteen degrees warmer than it should be this time of year. And hurricanes thrive over warm water. Can you imagine if a hurricane picked up all this oil and dropped it on the shore? If I had gills, I’d try to help clean up out there!