The Forest is Alive with the Sound of Swamp Music – Song Titles about the Woods

Chalk this one up to a random thought I had in the middle of the night. That’s when this variation of “The hills are alive with the sound of music” popped in my head and I ran with it. So here are songs sort of related… titles about the forest, trees, or the woods. ObviouslyContinue reading “The Forest is Alive with the Sound of Swamp Music – Song Titles about the Woods”

Beautiful Nashville

I was downtown last night for a concert (click here for pics from Phillip Phillips at 3rd and Lindsley), and had a bit of time beforehand to walk around. There’s obviously so much more that one can admire, but here are a few pics. It was a bit chilly, but otherwise a very pleasant night.Continue reading “Beautiful Nashville”

Phillip Phillips in Nashville, Tennessee

Last night a friend and I met up for the Phillip Phillips show in Nashville, Tn. (I took these photos of Nashville before the arriving to the show) I won’t say much and I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but in a nutshell it was a fantastic show. The opening band, Striking Matches, wereContinue reading “Phillip Phillips in Nashville, Tennessee”

The Reawakening: Part 9

I am waiting at the counter for the man to pour the coffee. -Susan Vega, “Tom’s Diner” I’m at The Well, a coffee shop in Brentwood, Tennessee on a weekday afternoon. Not too long ago there wouldn’t be a reasonable way I’d be here, now, at this time of day. So to say I’m experiencing things IContinue reading “The Reawakening: Part 9”