New Allstate commercial – actors, location, and music

Allstate uses a French song as the backdrop for an ad featuring various items on the roof of a car. We’ve all done that, haven’t we… left something on the roof? In this commercial titled “Smooth,” the items include: Jello cake, mug of tea, paint can, a bag of groceries, dinosaur (T-rex), flower in flowerContinue reading “New Allstate commercial – actors, location, and music”

Toyota Venza ad featuring “Love Lost” and a cute terrier dog

If you’ve been watching TV lately, you might have seen this new ad from Toyota. The ad is titled “Lifesaver” and portrays the Toyota Venza as a lifesaver when it comes to doing the things you need to do, like tracking down a lost dog. I, for one, can confirm that some dogs DO runContinue reading “Toyota Venza ad featuring “Love Lost” and a cute terrier dog”

Bud Light ad featuring a Zamboni and Eric Starczan

If you were trying to find the song title in this ad and who sings it, well, look no further! The commercial is called “The Bud Light Zamboni” and features singer Eric Starczan performing “Towards the Great Divide.” The lyrics in this ad are as follows: The road is long and the trail is hard.Continue reading “Bud Light ad featuring a Zamboni and Eric Starczan”

Tyson ad features “Family” by Drew Holcomb and a whole bunch of friends

Every once in a while there’s a good… no, no, a REALLY good reason to wake up early in the morning. Sometimes it’s a heartwarming Publix ad, but recently I was lucky enough to catch this commercial… I stumbled to my phone to Shazam the music and found out it’s Drew Holcomb and the NeighborsContinue reading “Tyson ad features “Family” by Drew Holcomb and a whole bunch of friends”