Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette, Ali Update.

In episode 1, Ali Fedotowsky rattled off a list of promises she’s hoping to fulfill this season. After numurous accusations of who’s “here for the right reasons” and a plethora of eliminations, let’s see how things are shaping up for her.

Promise #1: Ali will not going to let fear hold her back.
Early on she claimed to be afraid of flying, so with all the flying she’s done and the highwire act with Roberto on their date, she’s doing pretty well with this promise.

Promise #2: to find that guy.
If “find that guy” means “make out session with ten plus guys,” mission accomplished. Boots may have been made for walking, but Ali’s lips weren’t made for talking, if you know what I mean. This promise will end up unfulfilled. Ali may indeed get married at some point, but she will not find lifelong love via “The Bachelorette.”

Promise #3: she’s not going to let go of love this time.
Until she does.

Promise #4: she’s going to be strong.
She never clarified this promise. Did she mean physically strong? I haven’t seen her doing any push-ups or sit-ups. I see little to no definition in her arms, although there are signs of exercise in her abdomenal region. Maybe she meant emotionally strong? In the end, I hope she’s able to stand strong, stand proud, because voices that care are crying out loud.

Promise #5: not let everything that scared her in the past hold her back.
Only she knows what scared her in the past. Evidently she’s never been body slammed or watched Single White Female. Otherwise she would’ve eliminated Justin and Kasey much sooner.

Promise #6: to grow and become a better person.
The only thing growing is the risk of herpes of the mouth. That, and ringworm. I’m just saying ringworm spreads quickly, especially among wrestlers. I may or may not know that first hand, I’m just saying.

Promise #7: leave with no regrets.
There will be experiences she regrets from this season of the show. Not getting rid of Kasey sooner, for one.

Promise #8: move forward with an open mind and heart.
Seeing as how it’s impossible to move backwards, she’ll do fine here. I can’t say whether her mind and heart are open, but her mouth certainly is, if you know what I mean, heyyyoooo!

Promise #9: hoping she’s standing in some amazing place with tears in her eyes looking at a man down on one knee asking her to be his wife.
Hard to tell on this one. In episode 4 as she got her makeover, the makeup artist asked if the man she’d “end up with is here”? She responded with, “I do. I really, really do.” Sounds like she’s trying to convince herself. Too bad she let Craig M. go.

Check back soon for an update of episode 5!

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