The Dos And Don’ts of Online Dating: Profile Information

To catch you up on the previous post about your profile picture: use common sense (for the full post, click here). If the image doesn’t make you look your best, simply don’t use it (ie. if you have doubts about it, most likely someone who may be interested in you will, too). You’re presenting a package deal so just as important as physical appearance is what you say about yourself. Remember, the goal is to score a date, not scare a date. So here are some things I’ve noticed that can help the process go well.

Profile Information:

DO: Make up a profile name that has no ties to your real name or your other web accounts (ie. OceanBreeze546). This will keep you from being stalked researched by people you don’t want stalking researching you.

DON’T: Use your real name as your profile name (ie. JohnSmith21457). Unless you want people to look you up on Facebook without you knowing.

DO: Use Facebook to research stalk people who use their real names as their profile name. Use the motto: Real name = fair game.

DO: Be honest about food you like/dislike. No need to hide who you really are.

DON’T: Be a picky eater. Try new places. Guys, eat sushi because most girls like sushi. Girls, eat more than a salad.

DO: In the appropriate section of the site, list local favorite hot spots and why they’re your favorites. Scammers/shady people won’t use hometown specifics and definitely won’t explain in detail because they don’t know the details.

DON’T: Go against your gut. If a profile seems a bit off or questionable, it probably is. Skip it and move on to someone else.

DO: On your profile, fill out the “about my date” section as thoroughly as possible. You want to find someone that fits a general idea of who you’re attracted to, so this helps narrow down the field. It also makes your profile look more legitimate.

DON’T: Be too narrow in your search criteria. You may miss a diamond in the rough.

DO: Embrace your body type and be honest about it.

DON’T: Lie. This early in the game will cost you now or later.

DO: Write enough for someone to recognize some commonalities and start a conversation.

DON’T: Write so much that people feel like they already know you and therefore don’t need to ask you out.

DO: Be positive and write about yourself with a sense of energy.

DON’T: Be positive and write about yourself with a sense of urgency.

DO: Talk about things you like.

DON’T: Say too much about you don’t want, as it comes off too negative.

DO: Tell about what makes you happy. Mention few non-generic qualities in a match that you’re looking for.

DON’T: Reveal that you’re insanely serious about finding The One. If you’re asking for marriage before a “wink” is ever sent, first calm down. Second, crawl before you walk.

DO: Act your age.

DON’T: Write your profile in text lingo. Also be careful about texting in text lingo, unless it’s 2004 or you’re 20 years old. Note: it’s not 2004 and you’re probably not 20. Lolololol means youre laughing out loud out loud out loud out loud, and that clearly makes no sense. A simple “ha ha” should suffice.

Once you’re done setting up your profile, it’s time to mix and match! Check back Monday, September 20 for effective communication technics. Thanks for reading!


1 thought on “The Dos And Don’ts of Online Dating: Profile Information

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only person that considers stalking research. I mean in this day and age you’d be remiss if you didn’t do a little bit of stalking, I mean, research.

    I thought you might enjoy this little gem from when I was on a dating website:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t make any of it up…

    Oh, and I found out one guy I was communicating with was married by researching his facebook page.

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