10 Ways To Find Out If He Likes You

I’m pretty shy actually, so the way I show interest can be quite different than a guy who is very outgoing. Below you’ll find a list that describes how the guy you like, could be showing that he likes you, too. You find out his family has heard of you already. Upon meeting anyone inContinue reading “10 Ways To Find Out If He Likes You”

The Bachelorette in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The lucky guys are still in Thailand trying to win Ashley’s love and devotion, this time, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I liked how last week when Ashley announced they’d be going to Chiang Mai, Thailand all the guys cheered. Come on, no one besides Ames really knew where it was. But that’s where they foundContinue reading “The Bachelorette in Chiang Mai, Thailand”

The Dos And Don’ts of Online Dating: The Date

The purpose of online dating is to take the conversation off the computer and into a face-to-face encounter. Soon the website won’t be needed and it’ll be up to you to keep the relationship afloat. It may be going well and everything seems hunkle-dunkle till you’re at an art exhibit with your date and youContinue reading “The Dos And Don’ts of Online Dating: The Date”

The Dos And Don’ts of Online Dating: Communication

You’re success in the world of online dating depends not only on your profile picture, or profile information, but largely on how you communicate with those interested in you (similar to real-life relationships, surprise surprise). Once you’ve found a likeable someone, it’s time to initiate contact. Most dating websites recommend to send some sort ofContinue reading “The Dos And Don’ts of Online Dating: Communication”

The Dos And Don’ts of Online Dating: Profile Information

To catch you up on the previous post about your profile picture: use common sense (for the full post, click here). If the image doesn’t make you look your best, simply don’t use it (ie. if you have doubts about it, most likely someone who may be interested in you will, too). You’re presenting a package dealContinue reading “The Dos And Don’ts of Online Dating: Profile Information”