A Modern-Day Gentleman

Yesterday the title of this post popped in my head, though I had no idea what the content would be. In fact I still don’t. I guess I’m curious to find out if being a gentleman in the 21st century looks any different than one from last century, or say, even 30 years ago. SureContinue reading “A Modern-Day Gentleman”

10 Ways To Find Out If He Likes You

I’m pretty shy actually, so the way I show interest can be quite different than a guy who is very outgoing. Below you’ll find a list that describes how the guy you like, could be showing that he likes you, too. You find out his family has heard of you already. Upon meeting anyone inContinue reading “10 Ways To Find Out If He Likes You”

Where Are All the Men

Last week I saw a rerun of Friends. At one point, Chandler was asked to do some handy work, and he said to wait while he goes to get his wife’s tools. I was struck immediately with the thought, “Is this the American man now?” That episode probably aired ten years ago, of course, so I understandContinue reading “Where Are All the Men”