A white woman has a 66% chance of winning the Bachelor this season

The new season is almost upon us and with all the busyness of the December holidays, episode 1 has definitely snuck up on me. This season has Peter in the cockpit with not 25, but 30!!!! ladies calmly buckled in as his love passengers. Does anyone know when they switched from 25 to 30 contestants? I mean, goodness gracious that’s a lot! I vaguely remember one season a few years back they promoted it as having 5 more than usual, but it seems like the norm to have 30 now.

Here’s a list of the contestants if you care to take a look.

Breaking it down by the numbers, there are 7 woman who look to be black or at least mixed race, 3 of Asian decent, and the rest white, 20.

Of those white ladies, 9 are brunette, 10 are blonde, and 1 is a red-head.

If my math is correct, and it rarely ever was in school, that gives a white woman around a 67% chance of winning, a black woman has a 23% chance, and the Asian ladies are at 10%. But numbers don’t really matter when it comes to love. Peter takes flight Monday night and I’m sure there will be dozens of flight/pilot/airline jokes so please return your seat to it’s upright position, turn off all your devices, and let’s fly the friendly skies of The Bachelor together.

If you’re interested in reading recaps of each new episode, kindly respond below to let me know!

-Out of the Wilderness



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