Allstate’s “Crab” Commercial – Location, Music, the Dog, and More!

Allstate has quite a few memorable ads lately. I have written about a few of them, one catching on because of the beautiful island featured in the ad titled “Island,” which you can read about here. Or another about a controversial hood ornament, more on that here.

Now, though, Allstate shows a woman driving into Allstate town, and she gets a wave of endorphins after learning she has saved a bunch of money by switching to Allstate. Here’s the ad…

The Location. It’s not really Allstatetown. Going by the bridge (Pont de la Baells) in the last shot, this ad takes place in Spain… a bit north of Barcelona. Notice the green railing and the wall of rock as you approach the end of this bridge in the screen shot below from Google maps, then compare it with the last shot in the ad. Kudos to YouTube user Dani Marin for figuring this out!

The Music… playing in the background is “Private Gondola” by Jung Youth. Here is the full track.

The Dog. The pup in this ad looks like a vizsla. Gosh are they beautiful or what?

The crabs. The crabs in this ad look like dinner. My guess is they wouldn’t be dancing if they knew their fate.

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-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

Since 2005, I've called Nashville home. I'm the leader of the pack, which includes an 13-year-old beagle and an 11-year-old blue heeler mix. My days include writing, video editing, and other fun activities. Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy it!

13 thoughts on “Allstate’s “Crab” Commercial – Location, Music, the Dog, and More!

  1. Every time I see it it makes me sad because of dancing it looks like they are begging to be released 😔
    Stressed and trying to find a way out.
    Just not necessary if you want a positive commercial in my opinion.


  2. Another tidbit that fascinates me is hearing the voiceover by who I believe is Alicia Keys. She, along with a few other current musical artists like John Legend are making their debuts recently as voiceover talent.

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  3. I can’t figure out who does the voice of the narrator. Ugh! It sounds like Kiara Barnes, who I 💗! Somehow I doubt it though.

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  4. Really cute commerical! But, I am curieous if the bridge accross a beautiful lake going directly into a hill real ot virtual!


  5. Sure looks like a Vizsla to me, but let’s not dig any further. Don’t want the “Disney effect” to take hold on our favorite breed! Thanks


  6. Not only are they Stone Crabs which, as previously mentioned, are illegal to harvest whole but it appears she is driving in and around the Chesapeake Bay (fairly classic imagery) and they should most certainly be Blue Crabs.
    Major faux pas.


  7. I have been trying to find out what song was playing in the crab commercial for weeks. Thanks for posting.


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