The Apple AirPods Puff Commercial – The Dancers, the Music, and More!

Apple’s Christmas commercial in 2021 was so good. The mini movie called “Saving Simon” ended with a laugh, which was a nice touch for such an emotional ad. If you missed it, take a stroll back to 2021 and check out that commercial. Apple’s gone in a whole new direction in 2022 with their ad for AirPods Pro. It shares only about one thing in common with last year’s ad, it will have you feeling things! Take a look then scroll down for more info…

The Dancers. Huffing and puffing around Argentina for the commercial shoot is male dancer Vinson Fraley. He attended NYU and currently lives in New York, although he was born in North Carolina and spent most of his childhood in Atlanta. You can find more photos and videos on his Instagram page @heyvinson. Sharing in the puffy snow explosions is female dancer Gal Zusmanovich. She studied dance at Maslool school of contemporary dance in Tel Aviv, Israel. Be sure to check out photos and videos of her dancing skills by following her on Instagram @gzelontheplan.

The Music. The soundtrack to this chilly commercial is “PUFF” by Bhavi & Bizarrap. You can listen to the full track below. After watching the music video, it’s easy to connect the song with the Apple commercial. Stuff disappears in both, and right on beat. If you want your money to disappear, scroll down for a link to the AirPod Pros on Amazon.

What do you think about the commercial? Does it make you want to get AirPods, or better yet put them on your Christmas list? If so, check them out on Amazon here! Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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