Chewacla State Park camping – Auburn, Alabama

Most of my camping trips center around exploring nature whether it’s rivers, lakes, ocean, wildlife, or hiking through forests. And before I admit this weekend trip to Chewacla State Park in Auburn, Alabama was NOT centered around those things, the park is actually pretty good for that kind of thing, as far as I can tell…

Plenty of hilly hills for a road bike and lots of trails for mountain bikes, plus a waterfall you can hear from a good bit away. There’s something special about camping in the woods when a hotel is the other option. That’s the case here at Chewacla, so close to Auburn University. I’m guessing it is full to capacity every home football game but I was in town to watch my nieces play club soccer against a few area university club soccer teams.

I can’t say with enough enthusiasm how nice it was to have a state park so close to the university. It was just a hop skip and a jump to the soccer fields and coming back to the quiet, dark part in the evenings is the relaxation and decompression everyone needs.

Me and My Dad

Not to mention my campsite (and most in the park) has sewer hookups so if you camp in an RV or trailer, you know how much having sewer makes us feel like kings and queens. It’s nice.

I’d book this site again in a heartbeat if I had any events in Auburn, or just for the outdoorsy-ness of it. Good times! Have you camped at this park before? I didn’t really get a chance to explore like I normally would but the time I spent in the park was still very enjoyable!

-Out of the Wilderness


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