People are boycotting Florida… again!?

I gotta give major kudos to Democrat voters out there. It must be so hard to wake up every day with a new list of who to hate, who to support, what to complain about, and how to balance it all while blaming people besides their own political heroes. They are a lesson in fortitude.

The whole state of Florida is in the news (yet again) after the NAACP issued a travel warning for people of color and the entire gay/trans/bi-/non-/questioning/tri-/queer/quad-/spirit/up-down/down-up/left-handed community. Thank God we have the NAACP looking out for everyone, right? Hey, I’m left-handed, I can be part of that group, don’t judge me!

Allegedly, Florida governor Ron DeSantis (and Florida in general) hates everyone who isn’t a straight, white dude. If that’s you and your whiteness is showing… bless your heart, you’re the worst. Sad part is you probably don’t even know how terrible you are. I’m in that group but thank goodness I’m left-handed so I still get to have an opinion on things (unlike white guy Elliot Page). I’m not a Democrat, though. Otherwise, I would’ve awakened today completely perplexed about my existence in this country. On the one hand, I have white privilege. On the other hand, I hate white people. I love women but I don’t know what a woman is. I want to boycott Florida but I need to support Disney World. It’s just too much to handle! But I must comply. It’s my duty as a Democrat who loves democracy.

How do you think Disney took the news from the NAACP? First, conservatives decided to skip their Disney vacations (after Disney announced they’d pay for employees to travel to abortion-friendly states). Then the other half of the country (liberals) decide to boycott the entire state of Florida. This CAN’T be good for Disney.

Normal, every day Democrats are trying to walk the tightrope of boycotting Florida while still supporting certain businesses (Disney, for instance). Shopping in the Target trans section but not enjoying capitalism. Asking for equal pay for women without knowing what a woman is. Well, the reality is this: it’s not a rope they’re walking. It’s a leash. They have no idea they’re tied to one end and jerking them around like a lost puppy are the very people they adore.

I guess it’s comfortable to be fed every day. To be let out to potty a few times a day. To be told “good boy” and “good girl” and given a treat for behaving. To comply. But one day, I hope Democrats will wake up and realize their master has been playing tricks on them for decades. Until then, I wish them luck on all the new things they have to comply with today which will be different tomorrow and the very things they stand against now will probably be what they support next week.

Sounds exhausting.

-Out of the Wilderness


Published by Ben Wilder

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