Some mornings are just meant for unsubscribing to emails

Does anyone else out there have an email problem? It seems like I could spend time each morning of every day just opening emails I never signed up for to find how I can unsubscribe. Sometimes there is a link up near the email addresses that says “unsubscribe,” which seems to be the easiest way.Continue reading “Some mornings are just meant for unsubscribing to emails”

An Unschooled Look Into Personalities

I stumbled across an email I sent to a friend of mine in 2005 (Yahoo! saves sent messages). When I saw his name again, I was reminded of a social phenomenon. In each group of friends I’ve been in, there’s always “the weird guy.” In 2005 I was living in Tallahassee, FL after graduating college. The friendsContinue reading “An Unschooled Look Into Personalities”