So you’re thinking about dating online…

I’ve written about the ups and downs of dating online, most recently a list of surprising profiles. But what you’re about to see might top them all. It’s 100% real. Well, I take that back… on MY end it’s 100% real. I have no idea what was happening on her end, and I 89% doContinue reading “So you’re thinking about dating online…”

Having Plantar Fasciitus

Jail. Confinement. Literal limitation. Constraint. My foot. I went to a podiatrist recently here in Nashville and discovered I have plantar fasciitus. No problem! You must be an exceptional athlete! Wow, your foot smells like flowers! …is not what the specialist said to me. Deformity. He repeated it often. Often enough for me to rememberContinue reading “Having Plantar Fasciitus”