Yes, it’s true. I have plantar fasciitis… again.

Deep breath. Sigh. Long sigh. I hope you’re sitting down like I am. The PF monster is back, and unlike the other PF, this is a “judgement full zone”! I’m hating on this diagnosis right now. Totally judging it. It was a couple years ago when I first resolved my issue with plantar fasciitis. ItContinue reading “Yes, it’s true. I have plantar fasciitis… again.”

Music: How Do They Keep Us Coming Back For More?

Music has been around since the beginning of time. I can’t believe we haven’t exhausted all possible combinations of words, notes, and instruments. And you’d think after songs like come out, everyone would just stop trying. “Ok, ok, they can’t get any better than that,” is what people would say. They’d pack up their instruments,Continue reading “Music: How Do They Keep Us Coming Back For More?”

Having Plantar Fasciitus

Jail. Confinement. Literal limitation. Constraint. My foot. I went to a podiatrist recently here in Nashville and discovered I have plantar fasciitus. No problem! You must be an exceptional athlete! Wow, your foot smells like flowers! …is not what the specialist said to me. Deformity. He repeated it often. Often enough for me to rememberContinue reading “Having Plantar Fasciitus”