GEICO horror ad – “It’s what you do” is a killer commercial

I recently posted about the GEICO commercial “Flag Football with Jerome Bettis.” While that commercial is funny, it’s actually a terrible comparison… getting help from GEICO is “having Jerome Bettis on your flag football team easy,” while Jerome Bettis commits at least 5 penalty-worthy actions in one play. Check out that post here. But GEICOContinue reading “GEICO horror ad – “It’s what you do” is a killer commercial”

GEICO and Jerome Bettis fumble on new TV spot

If you haven’t seen it yet, Geico has a TV spot featuring Jerome Bettis, NFL Hall of Fame running back. I typically love GEICO commercials for their odd and usually hilarious deliveries. However, I can’t get on board with the bus on this one. You’re going to think I’m taking this commercial entirely too seriously,Continue reading “GEICO and Jerome Bettis fumble on new TV spot”

Yes, it’s true. I have plantar fasciitis… again.

Deep breath. Sigh. Long sigh. I hope you’re sitting down like I am. The PF monster is back, and unlike the other PF, this is a “judgement full zone”! I’m hating on this diagnosis right now. Totally judging it. It was a couple years ago when I first resolved my issue with plantar fasciitis. ItContinue reading “Yes, it’s true. I have plantar fasciitis… again.”

Alive and I Know It

What do you get when you cross feeling deflated with yellow police tape? It’s one of those moments that will be remembered for a long time. I was driving home late one evening after losing a flag football playoff game. I had mixed emotions because on the one hand, the team I play for isContinue reading “Alive and I Know It”