Top Posts of 2019

Another year down, and 2020 has already started flying by! Before we get too far into it (and I forget to do this…) here’s the top posts from 2019. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! I absolutely love writing, although if you follow this blog and check it regularly, there are times where weeks go by without a post. Sometimes I just don’t have what I think is something worthy of writing. I’ll try to be better about that this year. In all, I had 89 new posts in 2019. To be honest, my favorites are the original satire I wrote in the fall. But anywho, here are some stats!

Top 3 Most-Viewed Posts All Time: 

The Woman in Omi’s “Cheerleader” Music Video (post date- July 15, 2015). Views- 6,294

Uptown Funk: Smoother Than A Fresh Jar of Skippy Explained (post date- February 15, 2015). Views- 3,119

The Woman in Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know” (post date- April 8, 2017). Views- 2,149

Top 3 Most-Viewed Posts from 2019:

12 Songs for Being Laid Off or Fired (post date- April 25). Views- 1,236

GEICO and Jerome Bettis Fumble on New TV Spot (post date- August 29). Views- 264

17 Songs for Being Laid Off or Fired (post date- April 25). Views- 208


Thanks again, and be sure to check back in for new and just as exciting posts in 2020!

-Out of the Wilderness

GEICO horror ad – “It’s what you do” is a killer commercial

I recently posted about the GEICO commercial “Flag Football with Jerome Bettis.” While that commercial is funny, it’s actually a terrible comparison… getting help from GEICO is “having Jerome Bettis on your flag football team easy,” while Jerome Bettis commits at least 5 penalty-worthy actions in one play.

Check out that post here.

But GEICO is known for having pretty hilarious commercials, so I thought I should point out one that’s airing again in 2019. From what I could find, it was originally produced in 2015 and features a horror movie-like scene.

The tagline: “If you’re in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. It’s what you do.” It goes on to say if you want to save money on car insurance, switching to GEICO is “what you do.”

This spot is great because 1) it’s funny, 2) good acting and 3) it plays off of the stereotypes we all know from scary movies. The black person dies first. Someone goes off alone to do something… then dies. Everything happens at night. There’s usually one lone survivor. On and on the cliche’s go. If you want to see more of these stereotypes, just watch Scream 1, Scream 2, or Scream 3. Or Scary Movie, I suppose.

The comparison of ‘this is what you do if you’re in a horror movie’ to ‘this is what you do if you want to save money on car insurance’ is easy to understand, and while the Jerome Bettis¬†commercial misses the mark because it’s a inaccurate illustration, this horror ad hits it right on the head. Or should I say, slashes it?

-Out of the Wilderness

GEICO and Jerome Bettis fumble on new TV spot

If you haven’t seen it yet, Geico has a TV spot featuring Jerome Bettis, NFL Hall of Fame running back.

I typically love GEICO commercials for their odd and usually hilarious deliveries. However, I can’t get on board with the bus on this one. You’re going to think I’m taking this commercial entirely too seriously, and you’re right. What can I say, I take everything too seriously, like what happened on the softball field a few weeks ago and perhaps this is embarrassing, watching the Bachelor. But upon further review, I counted 5 illegal moves from the ball carrier plus his flag is clearly tied on, which is yet another penalty, that makes 6.

I can’t help but think the folks that created the commercial haven’t ever played flag football, or just didn’t study up on the rules of the game. To be quite honest, I’d absolutely love for Jerome Bettis to be on the team I was playing AGAINST. He’s big, probably not very fast, and if he kept committing these kinds of penalties, he’d be benched or ejected from the game.

GEICO says getting insurance help is “having Jerome Bettis on your flag football team easy” when in reality if he were committing all these penalties, having him on your team wouldn’t be easy at all.

How’s that for overanalyzing a TV commercial? Maybe I’m still bitter my college flag football team never beat P-Funk. Still waiting on that rematch!

-Out of the Wilderness