That time my dog jumped out of the camper window!

Head, body, toes, her whole self went through the dinette slide-out window! From storms to fireworks, she gets scared rather quickly and this particular event was a day or two after New Year’s. Above my head, the dinette window is a couple of feet up, so for her to jump was quite a feat. ItContinue reading “That time my dog jumped out of the camper window!”

Why do we have a Christmas “Eve”?

I was wondering the other day why we have a “Christmas Eve”? Then, only a few days later, it’s another “eve” to celebrate a new year. There are 11 federal holidays, so why do only 2 get eves? If I had to guess, I’d say Christmas gets an “eve” because there’s just too much excitementContinue reading “Why do we have a Christmas “Eve”?”