That time my dog jumped out of the camper window!

Head, body, toes, her whole self went through the dinette slide-out window! From storms to fireworks, she gets scared rather quickly and this particular event was a day or two after New Year’s. Above my head, the dinette window is a couple of feet up, so for her to jump was quite a feat. ItContinue reading “That time my dog jumped out of the camper window!”

Anywhere At Any Time

As 2023 started, it dawned on me what a great situation I’m in. A couple of dogs, a camper and a truck. It would be a shame to forget that I can go anywhere at any time. In fact, I can go to all the wheres. Here’s a where. There’s a where. Over there, overContinue reading “Anywhere At Any Time”

Hardridge Creek Camping – Pictures Part 2

In yesterday’s post, I referenced Elvis Presley’s song “One Is Enough” because there’s this pandemic trend that is still going on to this day and it’s one of my top pet peeves at the moment. Click here for that story. But I guess I have to go against the message of that song because today’sContinue reading “Hardridge Creek Camping – Pictures Part 2”